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Michal    09 March 2009 14:38 | Stockholm
Christian and Rita,
I remember faintly it was time for you to raise the anchors again so I popped in again. I loved your journals. Seems you you enjoying the cultural diversity of your trip to the fullest. Good luck on your next trip leg and keep us posted.

Pedram Razifar    02 March 2009 05:31 | Uppsala - Sweden
Hello my super athletes! I heard your stay in Iran is soon coming to an end. I hope you've carb-loaded with enough ghormeh sabzi and fesenjoon that your remaining journey will be smooth sailing ;) .I really miss you both, and hope to see you as soon as you come back. Everyone is rooting for you guys here back at home, so keep up the good work! Take care of eachother and good luck! With much love // Pedram

André Meier    05 February 2009 08:38 |
hallo christian. geniesst die zeit, welche viel zu schnell verstreicht. ich habe den eindruck, dass wir bereits eine ewigkeit zurück sind. der alltag hat uns längst wieder eingeholt. wir werden aber schon bald wieder (ende februar) auf dem meer sein. liebe grüsse und häbets guet andré

Tinu Lüdi    27 January 2009 17:13 | Churchtown / Kirchdorf
Danke für all die interessanten Bilder und die Berichte.

Alles Gute

peter    18 January 2009 20:14 |
liebe rita und chris, mit freude schaue ich stets eure reise an :rjavascript:gb_smilie(':roll')oll

Xavier    15 January 2009 09:02 |
Hey, I hope that you are OK. it seems that you are now driving a truck and no longer biking. You make us dream from snowy Switzerland (terrible winter here!) Big hug from Lost-Dorf!

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