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mjri jutzi    06 June 2009 21:55 |
:sigh :? :cry :cry
schon 300 tage ohne euch 2 ächt truuurig hee..
kissssss mjri u. family

Farid    03 June 2009 12:54 |
salam khob1n ma alan ankara hast1m shoma kojayeed
merc1 az ema1le ghashangeton om1dvaram beheton khosh begzare

meredith miller turn    02 June 2009 19:35 | atlanta, georgia, usa
Hi Guys,
It is so great to read and see your amazing journey so far! Can't wait to hear about the whole year when you return to Switzerland! Safe travels!

honey pot    26 May 2009 11:20 | Russia
Nos chers amis

I just wrote you an email.
We are happy to see that everything is alright. Yesterday we had a very strong front wind and made 47 km in 5h30...
We are now heading to the south, Crimea...

lots of love!!!

flo and tom

michi    26 May 2009 10:24 | teheran
liebe rita, lieber christian

ich bin euch auf den fersen und durchquere in zwei drei wochen zentralasien. werde euch wohl gegen peking eingeholt haben und euch gerne ein, zwei oder mehr bierchen sponsoren.

eure tips fuer traveller haben mir fuer das turkmenistan-visum stark geholfen.

merci und geniesst weiterhin die wunderbaren momente unterwegs


Reza Namazi    23 May 2009 07:33 | Tehran - Iran
Dear Christian & Rita,
nice to meet you.
I wish you Happiness' for each day in your life.

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