Other Travellers Links
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  Link   Kent Jørgensen, a danish cyclist
Kent is on his way from his seond home in Thailand to Denmark. We met him shortly before Zhangye.
  Link   12000km
The blog of 3 young belgian guys on their adventure from Dehli back to Liege, Belgium. We met in Kashgar for a few good days. Be careful when you meet them: you might have to go drink with them! :-)
  Link   Flo et Thom
The blog of Flo and Thom, the lovely french couple that travels by bike from France to Central Asia and back. We met them in Samarqand and cycled a few days with them through the Uzbek rain to Tashkent. There, our ways parted again...
  Link   Cycling teachers...
Isabelle and Simon are criss-crossing the world in between Hong Kong and UK by bike.
  Link   Mit dem Fahrrad in den Ruhestand
Im April 2007 gehts auf unbestimmte Zeit los! Wir erfüllen uns damit einen langgehegten Traum. Die erste Etappe führt uns direkt von der Haustüre weg von Vals GR nach Xian in China...
...we realised only after we had bought our domain that there is already a guy with a (very) similar one...