(Technical) Trouble Count

...for the bikes

Date Country Problem Comments
October 08 Turkey Maintenance only: replacing the rear brake pads of both bikes The brake pads made it roughly 4500km (Rita) and 5000km (Christian) in total, not bad!!!
2008-10-28 Iran first flat tire on Christian's bike a small, mean little nail set an end to the 'flat-less' times... While fixing it, the back wheel's skewer brakes and must be replaced with an Iranian model...
February 2009 Iran Maintenace only: we replace the chains after roughly 5000 km  
2009-03-30 Turkmenistan One of Rita's bottle holder breaks as a result of tieing our bikes onto a truck fixed with some wire
2009-04-07 Uzbekistan crack in Christian's back rim (Mavic EX721) discovered we exchange the back wheels, so that the cracky one gets less weight on Ritas bike and hope we can make it like this to Osh, Kyrgyzstan where we know a good bike shop
2009-05-06 Kyrgyzzstan maintentance only: we replace chains and cassettes with the new ones sent to Osh Even though our old chain and cassettes are still more or less fine, we replace them. Sending the new ones we had sent to Osh back home would be almost more expensive than the material itself. The old chains and cassettes we give to Nicolay and his shop OshBikers, we are sure they will still do a good job for many km's!
2009-05-07 Kyrgyzstan mirror on Christian's bike doesn't survive the game of the kids and breaks...  
2009-05-18 Kashgar, China more cracks in Christian's back rim found In the Giant Shop we find the Sun Rhyno lite rims, the ones we originally wanted on our bikes. So the choice is simple. Only the trust in the spokes "Made in Taiwan" has to be build from scratch as they had to replace the beloved Swiss DT Champions...
2009-05-30 Korla, China second flat tire on Christian's bike after 8900km the enforcement wires in the Chinese truck tires somehow find the way into the tires. Some of them stuck through and made the inner tube leak...
2009-06-05 Turpan, China first of the 'china spokes' breaks on the not loaded bike during a touristic tour around Turpan Replacement done in Turpan. Remains the question if this was just a bad spoke or whether the original spoke job in Kashgar was done badly...
2009-06-18 Yumenshi, China Rita gets her first flat tire on her back wheel after roughly 10500kms!  
2009-06-22 Zhangye, China Christian gets his first flat tire on the front wheel after roughly 10600kms!  
2009-06-30 Lanzhou, China Christan gets another flat tire on the back wheel the Schwalbe Marathon XR seem to last for roughly 10000km, then they let go. A great perfomance, congratulations to Schwalbe (we are not sponsored by them!). We hope to make it back home on them anyway.
2009-07-09 before Xi'an, China the second of the 'China spokes' breaks repaired in Xi'an
2009-07-31 before Pingyao again, two spokes break correction of the wheel in Pingyao, hoping that we make it to Beijing with just 30 spokes...
2009-08-02 Pingyao Maintenance only: replacing the rear brake pads of both bikes and the front pads of Christian's bike front pads made it for roughly 14000km, breakpads for roughly 8000km. Great performance!
2009-08-03 before Taiyuan yet another spoke breaks, we need to fix it in a Giant shop in Taiyuan we replace the 3 broken spokes with more bad China-spokes.The work has to done by ourselves, the mechanics there have never replaced spokes it seems...
2009-08-08 300km before Beijing and another spoke... this one we leave, hopefully we find good spokes in Europe again...
2009-08 Beijing the top part of an Onza Barend of Christian's bike comes off Some two-component adhesive fixes the problem easily
2009-09 Halle, Germany a metallic fixation plate of Christian's front luggage racks breaks surprised it made it so long! We find a replacement in a bike shop in Würzburg

...and for all the rest

Date Country Problem Comments
August 08 Germany/Austria Christians sleeping mat is leaking, hole cannot be found  
Septemer 08 Balkan The hose adapter screw of our fuel cooker (Primus Omnifuel) turns less and less easy... A good outdoor shop in Istanbul is able to replace a part of the cooker, now its like new again!
October 2008 Iran Image Stabilizer on Tele-Zoom-Lens stops working The main Canon representative in central Tehran replaced the stabilizer motor easily, a very recommendable shop for anyone with camera problems in Iran
February 2009 Iran The lens motor of our compact camera (Sony DSC-W125) stops working properly The same guys in Tehran fix also this again by replacing the lens
2009-05-25 China Our compact camera is not used to rough Uighur hands and the lens motor breaks again...