The Outside View
During our time in Iran, we have heard many interesting things about ourselves, from an Iranian's perspectivce that is. Here some samples:

Switzerland is so safe, they got rid of the police (heard many, many times!)

People in Switzerland are so honest, the government opens the court houses nowadays only for the cleaners

The interest rates are nowhere higher than in Switzerland, put some money in their banks and you can quit working (at the same time in the banks in Iran interest rates of 19% are the standard!!!)

Parents in Europe don't love their children. Why else would they throw them out of their house and let them go do their own business as soon as they reach the age of 18?

Undressing, getting dressed and getting changed happens usually in public or at least in front of friends, relatives and so on. This is especially valid for women

Most people in Switzerland are clock-sellers

...more (maybe) to come