One year has past, and we ARE in Beijing!

Yes, we arrived before lunch today - August 11th 2009, to the day one year after setting out - at the Tian An Men Square of Beijing, our ultimate station on our trip towards the East! After having shed our sweat over roughly 2800 European, 1500 Turkish, 1700 Iranian, 1500 Central Asian and 5700 Chinese kilometers, after having climbed the altitude from the sea to Mount Everest more than 8 times, after having sat 17 work weeks (of 40-hours) in our saddles we are all of a sudden here and we stop. A strange feeling, we are not sure yet whether we like it or not...
First of all, we will however try to enjoy the moment and indulge in a nicely roasted Beijing Duck and a bottle of wine or a beer!

After that, we spend some time in Beijing, sightseeing, eating, being lazy. We might take a trip by train to Shanghai. Then on september 2nd, our Transsiberian Train heading for Moscow will take us a good part towards home. From there, on by train, to Berlin. And then, in order to re-swissify ourselves slowly again, we once more hit the pedals and make it back to Bern!