Donate for a good purpose

Our cycling will be a unique experience and challenge for us. Around the globe, there are plenty of others whose daily life itself is enough of a challenge, no need to go and look for another one. We consider our situation an enormous privilege and therefore, we want to support the ones struggling daily.

We chose to support people of a region we are passing through, and we chose to ensure that the support shall follow the principles of ecology and sustainability.

With ATIK, we have found a project that works exactly in this way. ATIK stands for an environmentally friendly and sustainable development of the rural and urban poor communities in Kyrgyzstan. This is not achieved with rocket science, but with technology that is appropriate, fits the level of education and the availability of materials of the inhabitants. ATIK has gained our trust through personal contacts with Michael Baltensperger, a swiss engineer working since four years locally in this project. Furthermore, the centre of their activities is in Osh, Kyrgyzstan, which is a milestone on our way to Beijing. This will give us a chance to visit and see the positive progress of ATIK in real life.



" I personally guarantee that donated money will be used most effectively to help the peoples of rural Kyrgyzstan. Donated money will be used for promoting energy saving technologies in households. You can make a difference!"

Michael Baltensperger
Swiss Civil Engineer, living in Kyrgyzstan since 2003

Michael Baltensperger at work